Between February 2022 and July 2022, our research team collected data in multiple cities: Melbourne, New York, and Toronto, to explore how COVID-19 was affecting the risk-taking of 16-21 year-old queer and/or racialized young women and gender-expansive youth.



Trigger Warning

The content of this dataset may be potentially triggering. Some of the stories in the data involve sexual risk-taking, suicide, violence, homophobia, abuse, self-harm, and general danger, which some individuals may find distressing. Please be advised.


The 4theRecord Project

4theRecord is a continuing research project that asks racialized and/or LGBTQ+ young women and non-binary folx in NYC, Melbourne, and Toronto how the pandemic has shaped the ways they understand and navigate risk.

20 designers at the BDes program at YorkU along with the guide of Project Lead Angela Norwood and Assistant Helen Han have taken our research and interpreted them in numerous ways.

This website, is the culmination of theirs as well as our research over the course of the pandemic.

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In the meanwhile, you can come see us and our culminating exhibition at the Eastern Seymour Schulich Building (SSB) during Congress..

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