• Toronto
  • 21 Years Old
  • POC
  • Non-Binary
  • Pan
Risk Taken ยท 06/06/2023

FWB,I'm currently going through a "hoe phase" haha. but it's mostly consisted of friends with benefits. This one specifically is an old crush of mine. I did tell him a couple years ago about my feelings, and he had rejected me, but we still wanted to continue as friends. I was really surprised when we first talked about being friends with benefits. We started off online and then we were talking about meeting up in person. I think he got nervous about doing things in person because we had only been talking again for about 3 weeks prior and he hadn't gotten intimate with anyone in years so it was all probably too fast for him, which is fine! We are still good friends, he was worried I would be upset about him telling me he didn't want to continue anymore. But I assured him our arrangement was casual and not to worry about it. It was a bit awkward for me at first since we had gotten pretty far online, but overtime I grew past that and I am just glad we are still friends.#IntimateLandmarks